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What is Bizzindex?

Bizzindex is a web directory containing addresses and locations for local and global businesses.


Who can register?

Anyone with an e-mail address or a social media account can sign up.


Why should I register as a user?

Some of the benefits of registering are that you will be able to save your search for future reference, and you may delete any previous searches. Also, the possibility of sending a message to the company.


Does it cost to join Bizzindex?

Bizzindex registration is free. If you own business, you can choose “Claim your business” for free and update your business data; and you may buy a membership for a low annual or semi-annual price, and get more benefits.


What is Check your business page?

It is recommended to check whether that your business in our database by typing your business name, so you may claim it and update your business address information.

Why can I not find some companies I am searching for?

The availability of companies is based on the data we have collected And depending on the actual commercial recordings. If you do not find a specific business, it is not yet in the Bizzindex database.


Are all cities/countries available for search?

The available countries are here.


Can I type my search in any language?

Yes, it is an automated translation search. However, the results are not translated, because it is based on the input of the local language.