28 Dec , 2019

Leather Boots in Movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings

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Husain Kobar leather shoes designer for movies


The costume designer

is one of the most underappreciated roles in the movie world. The stylistic contributions of costume designers to the

world of film and our world are undeniable. Its work helps build the people we love, enhances the setting of the movies

through color and texture, and sometimes it transcends the screen and informs our perception of the style in our lives.

The directors and fashion producers paid extensive attention to the custom worn by the actors to give a strong impression

of the era and atmosphere of the scenes.  Leather fashion is an iconic product in Turkey.

You will find many shops across Turkey. When it comes to leather custom design, movies custom designers had no one

better to turn to, but Husain Kobar, a Turkish leather product designer from Kahramanmaraş, a city in the southern region

of Antalya has historically been famous for its gold. The textile industry is a relatively new and mostly machinated south region

of Antalya.


The Master of Yimenici

Kobar never depends on chemicals or machine mass productions. He designs and builds especially shoes, sandals,

and belts and do all the work manually for more than three decades. All the footwear that Kobar manufactures is

water-resistant and well build and is known for Kahramanmaraş Yimenici.

He sells his products to movie fashion designers and many people that visit his store in the city of Kahramanmaras.

Kobar made 2000 different types for the Harry Potter Movie alone, and 500 shoes for the Lord of the Rings.

The shoes are organic leather that is grown locally. The Kahramanmaraş Yimenici quality of work is not only famous

for movies, but it is also popular among Turkish consumers as well.

The leather shoe prices range from 80 Turkish Liras ($13.50) to 120 TL ($20). You may shop for the Kahramanmaraş

Yemenici shoes on the Yemenici Hayri Usta website.


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