12 Apr , 2019

Michelin Guide Taipei 2019: New Restaurants Get Stars

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Michelin awarded new stars to seven restaurants in Taipei in its latest guide, cementing the Taiwanese capital’s

reputation as one of the top fine-dining destinations in Asia.

In 1926, Michelin the French tires company started its first restaurant’s book review, to encourage the French

Public, to travel, by sending a full-time anonymous food passionate reviewers who have a keen sense of taste to

write a complete guide of how well the meals are cooked and presented. The review is not critical of the decor

setting, atmosphere, and attitude toward customers. They got to travel across France and try out different rest-

aurants, and publish the reviews anonymously with a rating from 0-3. 

The Michelin review expanded, by covering all high-end international cuisines. This year, the awards were

given to seven restaurants in Taipei.

One of the most notable debutants is Sushi Amamoto, a hard-to-find sushi bar with just 12 seats, a completely

new entry with two stars in the 2019 guide. Tairroir and Raw, known for their innovative fusion dishes, both

made the jump to two stars from one star in 2018. Shoun RyuGin and The Guest House kept their two-star ratings.


Source: Michelin Guide Taipei 2019: Seven New Restaurants Get Stars – Bloomberg

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