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19 Apr , 2019

Traveling to Tokyo Japan

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Welcome to Japan – Yōkoso ようこそ


Traveling to Tokyo, Japan gives you interesting choices to see a historic high developed city with a rich history and

jovial nature. Whether you are visiting in the summer or spring, you will enjoy many opportunities to enrich your


Tokyo offers a variety of activities, shopping, tourism, sightseeing, specialized Japanese style dining, and various

gardens and lakes to enjoy. Although Japan considered one of the most expensive Countries; especially in Tokyo,

it is worth the trip. Hope you will enjoy a pleasant journey.

Tokyo Life

With Tokyo’s high dense population and huge buildings, and long interconnected streets, you will find the amusing

in traveling on your foot all over the city. Tokyo has the world’s best public transit system and clean, reliable taxis.

You will come across backstreets with interesting shops and dining bars, that are not known to most locals, nor it

does have an address. You might experience poor free wi-fi connections around Tokyo for walking navigation, and

you might want to rent a pocket wifi device.



Where to go

Shibuya district





Is a key terminal between Tokyo and Yokohama; also, it is one the most visited areas in Tokyo for youth since the 1980s, for its interesting bars, DJ clubs, arcades, and restaurants which mostly stays open until midnight. There are several famous fashion department stores, major shopping center near Shibuya Station.


A vibrant area of Tokyo, full of narrow streets that you will enjoy walking, and browsing; Its atmosphere mostly for young age “hipsters.” It has cultural events that attract many people.


Ginza is the upscale business and shopping district of Tokyo. It has high-end department stores, galleries, fine dining

restaurants, and clubs. One square meter in Ginza cost as much as a million US dollar. Best times to visit: is during

weekends when the central Chuo Dori street closed to automobile traffic.


A stylish area to spend quality time, it has a station on the JR Yamanote line, one stop south of Shibuya. It is small

enough that you may walk to connects to the famous Ebisu Garden Place. Daikanyama, Nakameguro, Hiroo.



Adventure Around Japan

Take a trip to Fuji-Q Highland in central Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture for a ride on rollercoasters

boasting serious speed. Meanwhile, nearby Mt. Fuji  is open for climbing in the summer months.

Japan becomes a mecca for skiers and snowboarders in the winter—especially to the winter sports

hubs of Niseko and Hakuba —with many coming to take advantage of the country’s perfect powder.

Head to the Inland Sea area for cycling routes with fantastic views—including a ride across a 70km

bridge connecting Hiroshima with the island of Shikoku. Alternatively, fly down to the subtropical

islands of Okinawa where you can jump into a kayak and explore the mangroves in Yanbaru National

Park, or head to the beach for snorkeling and diving in the crystal-clear waters.



Life in Japan

If you are considering to live there, you may want to check this video of what is life like in Japan.



Things to consider when Shopping

Japanese people are courteous and friendly toward, tourist and it is safe for shopping. However, unexpected

problems can still occur in shops and other places of business.

Consider these tips when shopping.

Defective products: Products in Japan pass through quality control, and faulty products are relatively rare.

However, If you happen to find a problem with a faulty purchased product considers the following:

Before purchase

Some deeply discounted items might not be a bargain as you might think, Make sure to inspect the merchandise

before purchase to confirm it is not damaged or defective. If you are buying expensive items such as electronics or

brand-name goods, make sure the brand has an international warranty and also, allows exchanges. Also, make sure

to keep your proof of purchase.

Difficulty in returning a product

As a general rule in Japan, all purchase are final. Even if the product is unused, most shops will not allow returns or

give refunds if there is nothing wrong with it.

Pressurized into a tax-free purchase

The majority of duty-free shops in Japan provide a safe and enjoyable shopping experience where visitors can take

advantage of great shopping at lower-than-regular prices. However, in recent times, there have been a few reported

problems from international visitors regarding individual tax-free shops and products. These issues have included

false information regarding tax-free shops, the products sold there, and time limits being given on shopping time

encouraging rushed purchases.

Quick research into duty-free shopping in Japan and the types of products that you wish to buy will help

avoid any of these issues. Be extra cautious if you hear guides or store clerks say things like “This store is

XX percent cheaper than other shops,” “Japanese people all use this product” or “This is your only chance

to buy this product.” While these cases are sporadic, it is essential to use common sense.

More Useful Shopping Information



Planning to do some driving? 

If you are planning to rent a car while traveling in Japan, you may not use your home country driving license.

You will need to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP). Most nationalities will be able to drive if they

have the IDP issued from their country of origin. Some nationalities will require appropriate documentation.

You may have to check with Japan’s Embassy, where you obtained the visa form. IDP is only valid for one year,

and you a required to have the IDP from your country of origin translated into Japanese, by an officially approved

source; keeping in mind that you will need to have your state issued driving license and passport with the IDP all

the time.  If you plan to live in Japan for more than a year and have an address, you must obtain an official local

driving license.


Foreign Driving License


Be careful; however, Japan only recognizes International Driving Permits based on the 1949 Geneva Convention.

International Driving Permits conforming to the model of the Vienna Convention or other conventions are not valid.

Before arriving in Japan, you must obtain your International Driving Permit from the National Automobile Association

in the country which issued your license.

CAREFUL: International Driving Permits emanating from individual countries such as France, Belgium, Germany,

Monaco, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Taiwan, are not recognized.

For more information: you may check Japan Automobile Federation


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